Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

We need big government to regulate the economy

You will hear liberals say: we need big government to regulate the economy because free markets may create unemployment.

WOW! Your small brain got a little something right for once. But you haven’t told the whole story which makes your argument make you look like and idiot.Let me help you in your argument.

Yes unemployment is created through free markets. Why? Because as new advances are made the old is obsolete. However through better product and technology advances more jobs are created. Not including that these advances create a better way of living, better jobs, and what’s great about it, better wages. When one industry goes down, a new industry is created. Liberal minds fail to see the beauty and essential need for capitalism's self destruction of its industries. Here’s some examples. Did the invention of the automobile destroy the wagon industry. Yes it did, but look at all the jobs it created and the better lifestyle it presents us. Did the steel industry put a lot of black smiths out of work. Yes but do I need the to tell you the benefits of mass producing steel. Far as better way of living look at the entertainment end. Would you rather play Nintendo, or Play station 3? I thought so.
Lets look at another powerful invention, The tractor. If we banned the tractor could food be mass produced and harvested as fast. No but at the present moment food is plentiful. Some do suffer when old industries die out. But they find work else where in the economy and above all they benefit from the improvement of the advancement in industry as well.